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Kipling’s backpack take it’s name inspired by Rudyard Kipling, the author of The Jungle Book. The original designers wanted a name that could be easy to pronounce. The success story started in ‘87 in Antwerp (Belgium) with the iconic crinkled nylon bags. Today Kipling’s well-known bags and accessories are available around the world in 436 stores in 80 countries and can be found in more than 7500 shops including the best department-stores, and

Kipling also clearly defined the group of women it wanted to reach. “It’s not possible to design for every woman, so we thought about when Kipling becomes relevant for women, and that’s when they are settling down. The Kipling customer knows who she is and what she wants and needs. She needs practical solutions to juggle sports, kids, work and love in her life.”

Every Kipling bag comes with a monkey key-hanger. Originally, there was only one type of monkey, which could be easily recognized by its shape and characteristic colored fur. Since Kipling has developed several collections representing several styles, the monkey evolved as well. Now each collection corresponds to a type of monkeys. See more women backpack’s.

Here you have a great selection of the best Kipling backpacks an internationally known and renowned brand.

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Kipling City Pack Medium Backpack

Kipling Seoul 15" Laptop Backpack

Kipling womens Keeper Medium Backpack

Kipling womens Seoul Laptop Backpack

Kipling Alber 3-in-1 Convertible Minibag Backpack

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